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Product Development

R&D strategy:

       Under the guidance of well-known domestic optoelectronic experts, the technical research and development team of Guangsheng Technology closely follows the correct research direction and develops cutting-edge technologies in the industry, so that Guangsheng's innovative research and development of products is at the leading level in the industry. After years of accumulation and continuous investment, Guangsheng has established a perfect R&D system to provide continuous power for the development of the enterprise.

        After years of technical accumulation of independent research and development and in-depth understanding of industry customer needs, on top of its own core technology and products, products that meet different customer needs can be developed. In order to maintain the advanced nature of technology, Guangsheng technology research and development team often participates in various academic exchanges and technical seminars, and absorbs the excellent ideas and experience of industry elites.

       Guangsheng cooperates with Guangdong Nonferrous Metals Research Institute to work together on the research of related projects.

R & D results:

Through unremitting efforts and continuous innovation, the company's technology research and development team has now obtained 4 invention patents:

1. COB light source with high luminous efficiency and good heat dissipation, patent number: 201320166814.3

2. New high thermal conductivity COB substrate, patent number: 201320166776.1

3. A new type of white LED lamp, patent number: 201320079906.8

4. A new type of monochromatic LED light, patent number: 201320080825.X

Product Development