Determined to become an excellent enterprise in the subdivision of COB LED and UV LED

Development Path


Low-blue light full spectrum series won the Aladdin Magic Lamp Award for Best Product


China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Jiangsu Division of energy conservation and environmental protection industry competition first place


The high-voltage Dual color COB won the Aladdin Magic Lamp Award for Best Technology


Won the first prize of Jiangmen Science and Technology Award


Overcome the impact of the epidemic and grow against the trend. COB device sales exceeded 80 million, and COB production capacity expanded to the largest production capacity of high-end COB packaging in China


Sales of COB devices exceeded 60 million. UV division was established, and the plant area was expanded to 4000 square meters


Transform the COB subdivision field, and launch the self-developed first-generation silver-plated copper substrate COB device


The new factory covers an area of 2000 square meters, employs 50 people, and the annual output value exceeds 20 million yuan


The company was officially established, covering an area of 300 square meters, 7 employees