Determined to become an excellent enterprise in the subdivision of COB LED and UV LED

Greatshine Semionductor Technology Co.,Ltd

Greatshine Semionductor Technology Co.,Ltd

Greatshine Semionductor Technology Co.,Ltd.,Founded on August 31, 2010, it was founded by well-known domestic optoelectronic experts, focusing on the research and development, production, sales and technical support of mid-to-high-end COB LED, HIGH POWER LED, SMD LED series products in the field of semiconductor lighting. The company is located in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, which is known as the "Lighting Capital of China".

The company has strong technical research and development strength, and brings together a group of professional talents with professors, doctors and masters as the core, which effectively guarantees the research and development of new products and breakthroughs in new technologies, and can provide professional technical support and first-class after-sales service. The company has a high-standard dust-free workshop, adopts advanced LED automatic production equipment at home and abroad, inspection and testing equipment, and strict production management system, which together effectively guarantee product quality and production efficiency. The LED devices of Guangsheng Semiconductor Technology are at the leading level in China in terms of CRI, luminous efficiency, stability and other indicators, and meet the US "Energy Star" LM-80 standard and other related standards. The company has a professional marketing team to provide our customers with the most professional, fast and timely caring services.

 All colleagues of Guangsheng Semiconductor Technology adhere to the basic concept of "professional success, focus on development", practice the core values ​​of "being a person with conscience and making lamps with good core", and strive to build Guangsheng Semiconductor Technology into a leader in the field of semiconductor lighting. famous brand!

Greatshine Semiconductor Technology Co.,Ltd