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Dimmable two-color cob|gives smart home lighting a new future

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2022-03-16 10:14

With the improvement of living standards, more and more intelligent products have entered consumers' homes. Smart home has also set off a new upsurge in the consumer market. It is more and more widely accepted by ordinary families. The emergence of smart home has brought unprecedented convenience to our lives, and smart lighting is a very important part of smart home.

Compared with traditional lighting, intelligent lighting can realize the management of light soft start, dimming and color matching, one key scene, one-to-one remote control and all on and all off of zoning lights, and can be controlled intelligently by remote control, timing, centralized, remote and other control methods, which not only brings convenience to life, but also makes daily life interesting and full of ritual.

In modern people's living life, lighting is not only used for lighting, but also a kind of mood and atmosphere. Intelligent lighting can not only show the appearance and temperament of the house, but also achieve the purpose of safety, energy saving and comfort. Therefore, intelligent lighting will have a very considerable development prospect in the field of smart home.

Promising green application prospect

When energy conservation and consumption reduction become major issues related to the sustainable development of social economy, such as market competitiveness, resource protection and environmental protection, it is inevitable to vigorously promote the construction and transformation of "green home". In the process of green home construction, the effect of intelligent lighting control system is very significant.

Realize intelligent lighting

The intelligent lighting control system can make the lighting system work in the fully automatic state. The system works according to several preset basic states, which will automatically switch with each other according to the set time. For example, at the end of a working day, the system will automatically enter the working state at night, and automatically and gently dim the lights in each area; At the same time, the movement detection function of the system will also take effect automatically, automatically turn off the lights in the unattended area, and adjust the lights in the occupied area to the appropriate illumination; In addition, the illuminance of each area can be changed freely through programming to meet the requirements of various occasions and different scenes.

Remarkable energy saving effect

1、 Centralized management to reduce artificial waste. The phenomenon of man-made waste of lighting energy is very serious. No matter whether the room is occupied or unattended, it is often "always on". The intelligent lighting system can be controlled dispersedly and managed centrally. The managers can turn off the lights in the unattended room by operating the keyboard.

2、 Automatic dimming and color matching can make full use of natural light. The light induction switch in the intelligent lighting system controls the lighting switch by measuring the illumination of the working face and comparing it with the set value. In this way, natural light can be used to a large extent to achieve the purpose of energy saving, and a relatively stable visual environment free from the influence of seasons and external climate environment can also be provided. Generally speaking, the closer the window is, the higher the natural illumination is, so the illumination provided by artificial lighting is lower, but the synthetic illumination can be maintained at the design illumination value.  

3、 Extend light source life. The fatal cause of light source damage is power grid overvoltage. Controlling overvoltage can effectively prolong the life of light source. The intelligent lighting control system adopts the soft start mode, which can control the impulse voltage and surge voltage of the power grid, so that the filament is free from thermal shock and the service life of the light source is prolonged. The intelligent lighting system can usually prolong the service life of the light source by 2~4 times, which not only saves a large number of light sources, but also greatly reduces the workload of replacing the light source, effectively reduces the operating cost of the lighting system, and eliminates the environmental pollution caused by the waste light source.

Taking the coordination between people and the environment as the starting point, make the organic integration of general lighting and situational lighting, realize the coordinated development between people and the environment, and thus create a new era of lighting application with integration, intelligence and energy saving as the core. Since 2018, Guangsheng semiconductor first launched the two-color cob encapsulated LED light source in the market, and has developed to the third generation of products so far. The dimmable two-color cob will give a new future to smart home lighting.

The dimmable cob, with the best light mixing effect and light color quality, has high density, high reliability and high stability, and meets the needs of three-stage dimming and multi-color temperature infinite dimming required by the market. It is suitable for high-end commercial lighting, smart home and intelligent dimming and color matching scenes. The characteristics of the two-color cob are very obvious:

1. Intelligent dimming and color control, full coverage of 1800k-8000k color temperature, conventional 2200k-6000k, 2700k-6000k, 3000k-6000k and other dual color temperatures, or special customization;

2. Strict detection, light and color separation process system, accurate light separation to ensure that each gear meets customer requirements;

3. Full product model, full coverage of wattage, series and parallel connection, meeting the mainstream market demand, can be matched with two-wire, three wire and four wire intelligent power supply, covering all intelligent schemes;

4. The research and development of two-color products has lasted three generations. The product performance has been gradually improved, and the process has become more mature. In the future, it will continue to be updated and improved;

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