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Chip Hegemony: China, the United States, Japan and the Republic of Korea keep moving

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2022-03-16 10:14

As we all know, with the global lack of core and the external environment, the global semiconductor competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the semiconductor competition seems to have gradually become a major strategic area of national wrestling.

The big countries that have the strength to become the center of the global semiconductor industry have made constant moves during this period. They all said that they would invest a huge amount of money to develop the semiconductor industry. They feel like they are engaged in a chip competition.

First of all, with the decline of chip production capacity in the United States in recent years, the production capacity has dropped from the previous 30% to the current 12%. Although it accounts for nearly 50% of the global chip market share, the United States also feels the danger of hollowing out.

So the United States put forward a $50billion plan to increase the special investment in semiconductor manufacturing and R & D to $50billion, so as to revitalize the chip manufacturing industry in the United States and prevent hollowing out.

South Korea, which already has advanced processes, has shown its ambition. Some time ago, South Korea announced a 10-year plan to invest 510trillion won (about 3trillion yuan), striving to build a semiconductor power.

China has been working hard to develop semiconductors over the years. The first phase of large funds has been completed and the second phase of large funds has set sail. These two phases of funds will drive a total of more than trillion yuan of social funds.

Recently, Japan put forward a "national chip plan", which regards the growth of the semiconductor industry as a "national project", which is as important as the food and energy industries. According to the previous statement, it is expected to invest more than 30billion US dollars to promote cooperation with overseas chip foundries such as TSMC and Intel.

The European Union has developed its own semiconductors, and previously proposed a € 50billion plan to revitalize the European Union's domestic semiconductor industry.

Taken together, the announced investment in the semiconductor industry has reached nearly 5trillion yuan. For a long time to come, the global chip industry pattern may usher in great changes.  

Guangsheng semiconductor technology has always put product reliability in the first place, maintained long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign first-line LED chip brands, selected high-quality and reliable light source chips, and provided highly reliable "Guangsheng" light sources for partners for ten years.

It is this kind of almost harsh self requirements that have been adhered to for a long time, the performance, reliability, cost performance and other indicators of LED light source products of Guangsheng semiconductor technology have reached the international leading level.

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