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UL and Lighting Association jointly issued safety guidelines for ultraviolet disinfection lamps

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2022-03-16 10:06

After the outbreak of the COVID-19, the global demand for disinfection and sterilization products has increased rapidly. Improving the safety and performance of lighting appliances has become the common goal of the lighting industry.

On August 6, safety science company UL, American Lighting Association (ALA) and American Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) jointly released the latest position paper. The document puts forward two major goals. First, it reminds people to pay attention to the safety concerns of UV lamps; Second, help manufacturers, retailers and consumers understand which devices are safe and under what conditions such devices can be safely operated.


The document is called "short wave ultraviolet (UVC) disinfection equipment: instructions to consumers", namely ultra VIOLET-C (UVC) germicidal devices: what consumers need to know. It introduces in detail the UVC disinfection equipment available to consumers, as well as the serious harm that such equipment may cause to people and animals, as well as the damage to plants and materials.

The position paper, charts detailing UVC products and components of UVC disinfection equipment applicable to consumers, businesses and medical institutions, and information about their certification paths.

Equipped with UVC led function module

Kia launches new SONET model

Kia recently launched Kia SONET in India, which has a relatively square appearance. Equipped with Kia's latest design, the tiger nose front face, the vision is also very broad, making the front of the car more imposing. On both sides are the unique shape of the daytime light bar and LED headlights. The tail light group echoes the shape of the headlights, and the metal rear bumper is arranged below.

Kia SONET has added many new functional details, of which the more striking is that it is equipped with UVC led functional modules. Let's take a look at the new features of this model:

      1. 10.25 inch HD touch screen infotainment system: Kia SONET will be equipped with the largest touch screen among all ultra compact SUVs in India. In addition to conventional equipment, it also includes automotive systems connected to UVO.

      2. Wireless charger with cooling function: technically speaking, it is second to none with cooling function.

      3. Ambient lighting: LED sound mood lighting. With this lighting, the owner can not only change the lighting color in the cabin, but also change the background color of the instrument panel.

      4. Integrated air purifier with UVC LED module: the purifier in SONET is "integrated", which focuses on the health of Kia SONET passengers through smart pure air purifier with virus protection function. This feature makes Kia SONET unique in its market segment and once again sets a new benchmark in its category.

The intelligent purified air purifier has a two-stage purification system. The HEPA filter for cleaning pollutants uses n29, which uses a fiber made of copper sulfide nano ion bonding technology to remove pollutants and bacteria in the vehicle. The second stage of filtration is achieved through UVC led, which has been scientifically proved to kill bacteria and viruses. The system can not only effectively clean the pollutants in the cabin, but also kill bacteria and viruses when cleaning the air.

      5. Bose sound system: it can be said that there are many similarities between seltos and SONET, including the 7.1-channel Bose surround sound system with five speakers.

      6. Front ventilated seats: Kia SONET will get front ventilated seats with three airflow settings.

United Airlines uses UVC to clean the cockpit

United Airlines is now using ultraviolet radiation (UVC) to clean the cockpit of pilots on most aircraft in its hub airports, so as to disinfect the interior of the cockpit and provide a hygienic working environment for pilots. The airline is using ultraviolet's handheld auvco device to kill any virus that may reside on sensitive switches and touch screen displays in the cockpit.

The airline has tested the multiple uses of UVC ultraviolet as a disinfectant and consulted the cleanplus partner of the Cleveland Clinic to determine the most effective application.

Bryan Quigley, senior vice president in charge of flight business of United Airlines, said: "safety is our top priority. We will continue to research, test and introduce new technologies to ensure the safety of our aircraft and terminal buildings to customers and crew." "Many working parts, screens and components in the cockpit are difficult to clean with traditional towels and liquids, especially for those who are not pilots. UVC enables us to disinfect one of the most important areas of the aircraft faster and more effectively."

At present, United Airlines uses electrostatic spray to disinfect the cabin, which is one of the most effective technologies to clean difficult to reach surfaces, especially the space in the overhead luggage compartment and folding dining table. United Airlines uses UVC disinfection in the cockpit and electrostatic spraying in the cabin, which further reflects the company's practice of matching the correct technology type with the correct settings.

Dr. James Merlino, chief clinical transformation officer of Cleveland Clinic, said: "it is an important strategy for airlines to disinfect their cockpit with UVC because we know that the virus can be killed by ultraviolet rays." "This is another measure we can take to ensure that we make every effort to make passengers, flight attendants and crew safer."

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