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The first application standard for indoor lighting design will be formally implemented from May 1

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2022-03-16 10:13

In order to quickly improve the lighting design and application level of the national decoration industry, the application standard for lighting design of interior space in building decoration (hereinafter referred to as the "lighting design application standard") was officially implemented on May 1.


It is reported that in the middle of April, 2019, with the research and approval of China Architectural Decoration Association, the first indoor space lighting design group standard - "lighting design application standard", which was jointly edited by OP lighting and specially edited by Rex lighting, was officially approved. It is approved as the standard of China Building Decoration Association with the number of t/cbda 48-2021.


In view of the different functions and attributes of building space and their different requirements for indoor light environment, the application standard for lighting design aims at residential space, catering space, office space, hotel and club space, home stay space, retail store space, supermarket space, bookstore space, entertainment space, shopping center space, exhibition space, theater space, library space, school teaching space, hospital space, transportation space 18 types of spaces such as industrial space and religious building space, and formulate complete lighting design standards such as lighting design principles and lighting standard values for various types of spaces.


The standard is formulated to improve the lighting quality of indoor space and meet the requirements of applicability, economy, green and aesthetics. At the same time, the implementation of the standard will further fill the gap of relevant standards such as decoration and indoor space lighting design. Through the guidance of standards, it provides reference basis for interior designers to design lighting in different spaces, so as to comprehensively and quickly improve the average level of lighting design of designers in the whole industry.

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